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For the first time, the Portland Puppet Museum is proud to present Shadow Puppet Performances and Workshops. What a deal - you get both a performance AND a Shadow Puppet Workshop All for only $15.00. 
Sean Powers has been performing shadow puppets since 1996,creating and producing his own style of shadow puppets using inexpensive materials and stories from around the world.
Sean is the last kid of a family of nine, where art was greatly encouraged from an early age. He was raised in Sacramento Ca. and eventually moved to Arcata Ca in 1989 where he has living happily raising two children and maintaining his travels to do puppet shows around the Pacific Northwest.
A self taught shadow puppeteer, Sean has maintained profound dedication to spreading the ancient art of shadow puppetry by performing as much as possible at schools, libraries, museums, special events and businesses of all sorts, performing over 900 shows to date.
He teaches shadow puppet contruction and story line development as part of his his mission to keep the art form vaiable and available to all. He is also a player of musical instruments from all over the world which he will treat you all too during his perormances in August.
DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!! $15.00 for performance and workshop - even the slightly adult version on Saturday Night.

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