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Build-a-Puppet Workshops at Portland Puppet Museum
August 17 6:30-10:30 pm;
$35.00 per attendee

Limit of Seven per class so reserve now!

Yeah, Yeah, we know. The typical build-a-puppet class features paper bag puppets with glued-on decorations. Perfect to use as a litter bag in the car on the way home from the class.

• Well, not here at the museum. We help our students make puppets that they will take home, display proudly, and actually use. Even big people have fun in our classes.

• Each four-hour session begins with the sometimes hard decision of what type of puppet they want to build. They can bring an favorite old stuffed animal (or person) which can magically be converted to a working puppet. OR, they can choose from our extensive collection of stuffed stuff, most of which has been rescued from Goodwill and saved from a long trip back to China (where nasty things would surely happen to them). They have all been washed and made ready for their conversion.

• Then they need to decide what type of puppet they want to build. We have one price for the session. $35.00 each attendee for hand, rod, hopper, or marionette puppets. (Marionettes should cost extra because each one comes with its own hand-crafted control beam, made by Marty in our shop from genuine Oregon-grown wood.

• Every attendee leaves the class with a puppet they made themselves and can be proud to display or play with.

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