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The Godmother & The Magician
You've all heard of Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm.
This summer we are proud to present fairy tale stories from the Famous Czech author Bozena Nemcova. Come join us as Tendrak Theater presents "The Godmother and the Magician". In this enchanting fairy tale of old, a young village maiden is blessed with mysterious gifts from her magical Godmother.
As she grows up, things look just fine until she captures the heart of a handsome Prince. Adventure unfolds as she is whisked away on the back of four white owls and set fast asleep in an enchanted forest. Can the Prince defeat a Giant, a three-headed dragon and a spider that spins doilies for webs, to win his lady love?

Come and join in the fun of this fresh new-but-old fairy tale woven by Tendrak the Purple Story-Telling Dragon. Show is approximately 35 minutes long. -

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