Tickets - "The Swan Prince""


Come join us for a magical trip into the land of Czech Fairy Tales as Tendrak, the gentle storytelling Dragon, spins this enchanting tale of old.
Sixteen charming characters take us on a romantic fantasy through lush settings featuring
the strains of traditional Czech Classical Music. This beloved fairy tale is sure to win the hearts of young and old alike. This show is perfect for all ages, from preschoolers to Grandparents.
After all who doesn't enjoy a classic love story. Show is approximately 35 minutes long.
We start with a power-hungry jealous Queen, throw in a secret potion from a powerful magician, and toss in a handsome Prince for good measure. Wait a minute -- where did all these swan feathers come from? Can the enchanted prince find true-love's kiss as a swan?
Perhaps with the help of some of his forest friends, the Prince can overcome all odds
and break the spell.

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