H- Sun May 28th 2pm Magic of Kindness and Kolaches


The Tendrak Theater returns to the Portland Puppet Museum with "The Magic of Kindness and Kolaches". In this charming Czech fairy tale of old, a little kindness goes a long way. The advent begins as two Princes set out on a quest to heal their sick father with a magical elixir. Along the journey both brothers run into a strange little cottage filled with an enchanted talking puppy dog, meadow lark, and some rather grumpy bears. Will Honza the younger kind brother solve the mystery or will it fall to Lukas the older self-seeking brother? See how they both go about working with the animals they encounter to help find the magic waters to save their father's life and break the enchantment on the animals. Admission - $15.00 ages 3 to 99 Babes in arms - FREE

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