A-Thru-Fri July 27th-28th 6:30-9:30PM Pulp Headed Hand Puppet Workshop A


Portland Puppet Museum: 
           Building Pulp-Headed Hand Puppets
                          (sculpture | painting | costuming)
                 Join artists Heidi and Steve in building custom designed
                pulp-headed hand puppets from recycled materials
                Workshops include six hours of instruction (two 3 hour sessions),
                supplies, materials, tools, fun, curiosity, learning, and collaboration.
                all levels of artistic experience welcome
                ages 11+ (pre-teens, teens, adults, and seniors)
                workshop fee: $80
   Workshop A: 
    Thursday, July 27th  6:30–9:30PM
     Friday, July 28th  6:30–9:30PM

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